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Board meetings are generally held prior to the General Meeting at 6:30 pm in Room 33. Members are encouraged to attend and contribute.

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The Creative Metal Arts Guild, a non-profit organization, exists to create a community for metalsmiths, jewelers and metal artists, by facilitating communication, providing information and benefits, promoting a positive image of the creative metal artist and increasing public awareness of the artist's contribution to the community.

Programs: Rocking Since '68
Prexy Message: Strong Arm Tactics
Program Review: Art Craft Silversmiths
Meeting Report: CMAG Meeting April 2012

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"Rocking Since '68"
prog2.jpg Tom Handley from Handley's Rock Shop and Jewelers Supply is going to talk about something. I haven't got the email with more details in time to publish. I personally have a lot of history with Tom and with his parents, Tom Sr. and Arlene. His mother's shop was only about a mile from my first studio over in Hazel Dell and as I was learning to produce something to sell at the market, she was an invaluable resource. I have memories of a shop in a suburban garage and a rug-rat. Tom denies this with that quizzical look of his and some kind of grumble about hippies. Well, that was the seventies and I don't claim that any authoritative cerebral material for the period exists in my echoing cranium. In those early days almost all my supplies came from her shop, both for metalworking and lapidary. I was probably cycling over there once a week or so. A lot of tools too, that I couldn't find used. These days, being farther away and much more sessile (and having discovered mail-order) we mostly use Tom's downtown location as our first stop when shopping for cut stones. For which occasion we usually allocate a couple hours. Waynetd
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bruce.jpg From Bruce McKay

As we get to the yearly time to fill the board with members willing to put in a little extra effort to keep our Guild strong, I am getting no response as I send out pleas for help. I need help so if you have not yet helped on the board, you are just the person I am looking for. We cannot have the same old members keep doing all the work and putting the same old influence on how the Guild is run. We need fresh ideas, fresh energy. Please call me at 503- 796-5966 or email at

Our Guild is doing really well right now but it will not continue growing and being vibrant if you don't help us. Being a member means making that step from attending meetings to adding another hour or two a month helping us keep going. Have you called me yet? I have one of those fancy portable cell phones that is stuck on my hip 24 hours a day. It isn't ringing right now. And you don't need to call me in the middle of the night. Just call. or email. or call.
Your President,

prex1.jpg prex2.jpg

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Art Craft Silversmiths, April 2012
presented by Jim & Sharon Mackie

Jim & Sharon Mackie talked about their work at Art Craft Silversmiths, of which they are now the proprietors. Their firm was established in 1914 and does a variety of work, the most interesting of which to me is the custom restoration. Luckily for me, the slide presentation which opened the program featured many such projects. Similar pictures may be found on their facebook page. Jim began his apprenticeship in 1974 and together the Mackie's know just about everything about silversmithing past present and extant, which made the concluding Q & A a delight.

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Report of CMAG General Meeting April 2012

The April meeting was a fun meeting with a lot of discussion about the Spring Show in the business meeting part, which is not very pertinent at this point. Other than that my notes aren't very inspiring. Melissa attended as a guest. She's moved to Vancouver from Ohio, where she started a guild herself. She does fabricating and also uses a hydraulic press in her work. I'm betting she's going to end up joining CMAG. Nancy Meyer's nephew from Montana also attended but he didn't bring any sapphires. Great to have him but I'm betting he's not going to join. Margaret reports 108 memberships currently in the guild, which is pretty high in my experience, though probably not a record overall. That's about all I've got but our stalwart secretary Karen Craig has sent me minutes of the board meeting which are printed below, tarted up a here and there with my comments.
CMAG Board Minutes 4-10-12

Members present: Bruce McKay, Daniel Baca, Wayne Acton, Barbara Covey, Margaret Frison and Karen Craig

1. Bruce said that some of the presidents from other Guilds have been contacting him regarding the issue of the Convention Center wanting to deal with only one person or entity about rental issues for our Spring Show.

2. Bruce is getting another cabinet to go on top of our existing storage cabinet. We discussed how this might need to be attached to the wall and how we might need approval from the Multnomah Art Center to do so.
3. Margaret said that all membership money has been collected except for one membership which has paid for the current show. [Ed note: Supposed to be paid up to do show.] Bruce said that he would contact them about the past due amount.

4. Margaret said that it might be a nice gesture if we showed Ken Patton's work at the Spring Show. Bruce will call Ken's wife and talk to her about this suggestion.
5. Margaret suggested that we should have a separate application for the spring show with membership listed on it as part of the application. She thought that the current way we have listed membership fees and Spring Show application fees was confusing. There was some agreement among other members about this. [Ed. note: New members can pay half price if they join after the half year, but must pay full price to do the show.]

6. Bruce is still trying to find some people to move into the position of President, Vice President and Newsletter Editor. He said that he is resigned to being the President for another year, however feels that new blood would be helpful to the Guild. [Ed note: I have been on the board long enough for now and am myself retiring from my official CMAG duties. I have also been through enough regime changes. I must confess that I've found all of them frustrating and depressing. Joining the leadership of CMAG is as much work as it is, but it's not very hard to learn. People need to volunteer without making it such a struggle, if the guild's going to prosper. In my opinion.]

7. Bruce said that the Spring Show Steering Committee is also in need of new members to sit with that group. They will lose two or three members next year and need some new energetic people to help out. He also commented that any of the Guild Board members who want to just sit in on the Spring Show meetings can do so to become more familiar with what they do.

Meeting adjourned.

Member News
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From Wayne

mem11.jpg Last month our membership coordinator, Margaret Frison, emailed all the current members the latest edition of the CMAG Membership Directory. This is a pdf file which lists the name, email, phone numbers, web address, business name and self description for everyone currently in the guild. CMAG old-timers may remember an annual print edition which was published for a while.

Receiving the Membership Directory is a privilege of membership, to allow easier communication between members. It probably (in my opinion) should not be distributed outside the guild, without board authorization. The roster on the website provides a public list with only contact information (website addresses) which has already been made publicly available by the individual involved.

Since the Directory is sent as an attached pdf file, the program Acrobat Reader is needed to open and view it. This program is freely available for download. As Margaret notes, the print is small but you can easily enlarge it with the "magnify" tool.

Contact membership ( if you didn't receive the Directory or if your information needs to be changed.
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From Wayne

Spring Show This Weekend Don't forget, if you're not exhibiting, the CMAG Spring Show & Sale begins this Friday and runs through the weekend.
This is a premier guild event and the culmination of a yearlong effort by our membership. See the Gathering of the Guilds facebook page for details of the whole show. See the show page at our website for information on getting there. Except for parking, there's no charge to attend.


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From Kathryn Constant

mem31.jpg Our librarian, Kathryn Constant, has updated the CMAG Educational Committee booklist. I have uploaded the pdf file which, for now, is linked here. I can hook you up if you want a different format. Here's Kathryn's note:

HI All,

Here is the updated and combined CMAG Educational Committee booklist. I have attached it in 3 formats: a Word document (.doc), a rich-text document (.rtf): should open in any word processing software and a .pdf file. It is 2 pages. In case formatting changes between machines, the format
for the font is Times New Roman, 11pt bold for titles and 10pt regular for resources. Book and resources titles are italicized.

I checked all resources for current availability and indicated which titles are out-of-print but available with (OP) and a note in the footer (at the bottom of the page) along with the revision date. I also grouped like things together (very loosely) with some white space between groupings for ease of reading.

Hope this will be a helpful resource,

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From Greg Wilbur

Greg's metal work will be on display May 2 through June 3 (along with oils by Deborah DeWit) at Waterstone Gallery in N. W. Portland. There is a gallery talk with the artists on the 26th, 12-1pm.

Calls For Entries
Volunteer @ PNCA/MoCC Gala   Go back to contents
Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Craft's Annual Gala will take place on Saturday, June 2. Help support MoCC's & PNCA's fundraising goals by volunteering for one of Portland's most renowned events!

Requirements: Passion for craft, art and creativity and an ability to work with the public. Ability to stand for 3 to 5 hours and lift 10-15 pounds. Appropriate formal attire for actual event shifts and appropriate informal attire for installation/clean-up shifts.

Gain volunteer experience and strengthen your resume. Learn/Support two Portland Art institutions simultaneously! Connect meet people that are excited and engaged in Portland's art and cultural scene.

There is a mandatory orientation on May 30 from 7:00pm-8:30pm at PNCA. Express interest below and we'll send you specific location information and additional details.

To get involved contact:

Claire Patoine/Volunteer Manager at the Museum of Contemporary Craft

Ph: 971.255.5524


Please add PNCA-MoCC GALA VOLUNTEER 2012 within the subject line of the email.

Claire Patoine
Volunteer Manager/Operations Coordinator
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On the 26th of April, 25 members of the Pacific Northwest Sculptors' Association opened in a show at Talisman Gallery on Alberta Street. The show continues on throughout May.
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PRIMORDIAL MUSE an exhibition by Lanny Bergner in the Parrish Gallery
Sponsored by ART Elements Gallery
Free to the public, presented by the Chehalem Cultural Center
Exhibit opens: May 11th
Members Only Preview: Friday, May 11th 5:00-6:00 pm
Public Reception: Friday, May 11th 6:00-8:00 pm
First Friday ArtWalk Artist Reception: June 1st 5:00-8:00 pm
Exclusive workshop with Lanny (details below) Sat. June 30th 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Exhibit closes: June 30th

May 1, 2012 (Newberg, OR) - The Chehalem Cultural Center's Parrish Gallery presents, Primoridal Muse an exhibit by Lanny Bergner of Anacortes, Washington.

EXCLUSIVE WORKSHOP WITH LANNY Meshworking: Creating Biomorphic Metal Mesh Baskets
TO REGISTER CALL (503)487-6883
Saturday June 30th from 10 am - 4 pm
Cost $75 plus $25 materials fee to be paid to the artist

On the Web
web11.jpg Monterey Bay Metal Guild   Go back to contents

Received a missive (by email) the other day, from a guild in the Monterey/Santa Cruz area inviting an exchange of newsletters and links. The Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild (MBMAG) is newly incorporated and seeking non-profit status. I'm not sure what their history is, apparently they've had a newsletter before, though maybe not online and not for some years. The website is being redesigned but you can easily find the newsletter there. It's quite well done, a large pdf which loads in a window so don't get impatient. I'll be sending a link to ours. I'm sure any contacts from CMAGger's would be welcomed. (Road trip, anyone?)
web21.jpg Arizona SNAG Conference   Go back to contents

The 2012 SNAG Conference (The Heat Is On) is coming up at the end of May (23-26.) It's in Arizona this year. Not as convenient as Seattle, I haven't heard if any CMAGgers plan to attend. The web page for the conference has the usual flood of not-to-be-missed events and proceedings as well as all you'll need to know to register and get accommodations. I still think this year's logo is the coolest (hottest, maybe?) ever.

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2012 CMAG Spring Show & Sale
The 2012 CMAG show is now scheduled. It will be held May 4, 5 & 6 in the Oregon Convention Center. We will again be in meeting hall C, shared with members of several other craft guilds.

General Meeting
WHEN: General CMAG member meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Door opens at 6:45pm, meetings begin at 7:15pm, and adjourn by 9:15pm.

WHERE: Room 33 at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Highway Portland 97219.

WHAT: Meetings consist of a general business and a short break with refreshments, followed by a program which may be a demonstration of a technique or tool, a slide presentation, a panel discussion, or other presentation of interest to CMAG members. The CMAG Library is open before the meeting and during the break for checking out books and magazines.

WHO: Meetings are open to CMAG members and their guests.

Board Meeting
Before the general meeting ... at MAC ... in room 33 ... starts at 6.30 pm.

CMAG Webpage

Newsletter Submissions:

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June issue deadline, June 4.
July issue deadline, July 2.
August issue deadline, August 6.

What to send: By far the most important would be reporting any CMAG event you participated in or attended. Visiting an exhibit or symposium. Taking a CMAG workshop. Our newsletter depends completely on the members to report on these activities. Also important in this vein would be metal art events you participate in outside CMAG; galleries, shows, workshops, books.

How to send: By email. By email. Send to (that's me.) Put text in the body of the email. Try to send some text. Even if it seems a bit random. It'll work in fine. Send pictures. The internet is all about pictures. Best format is jpeg but I take anything.

When to send: Send it by the deadline.