January 2012

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Board meetings are generally held prior to the General Meeting at 6:30 pm in Room 33. Members are encouraged to attend and contribute.

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The Creative Metal Arts Guild, a non-profit organization, exists to create a community for metalsmiths, jewelers and metal artists, by facilitating communication, providing information and benefits, promoting a positive image of the creative metal artist and increasing public awareness of the artist's contribution to the community.

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prog1.jpg CMAG member Sheahan Stephan will be giving a talk on the Sapphire business in Sri Lanka. From involvement in the mines to selling Sri Lankan Sapphires in the US market, Sheahan has a world of information to share with us.

The talk will cover the Sri Lankan culture and the social impact the gem business has had on the Island nation, plus

Mining techniques such as vertical, backhoe, or river mining and dredging; purchasing rough material; geuda sapphire and heat treatment; price volatility; plus the Sri Lankan Cornflower color in Sapphire.

Sheahan will have a slide show of the sources plus rough material and finished gems.
prog4.jpg The English word for sapphire probably derives eventually from the Sanskrit for 'beloved of Saturn;' originally applied to Lapis Lazuli but coming in Europe during medieval times to refer to blue corundum crystals. (Factoid and pics cribbed from Wikipedia sapphire article.)

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bruce.jpg From Bruce McKay

prex1.jpg It is the new year and time for a look back at 2010, a year the Guild did well. A good Spring Show, some good workshops, good speakers at our meetings, great attendance and participation, plus a good, stable financial backbone.

But when I look back at the past year today I see Madeline and Ken and I am going to miss them both. The loss of Madeline was not a surprise to me, but the loss of Ken was a sad shock and surprise.

Looking forward, the first big change will be a new room. After more years in the same room for more years than any of us can remember we are moving to a new room in the Multnomah Arts Center. We will now be meeting in the room directly South of our old room. When facing the door of the old room, the new room is the first to the right, through the doors to the Senior Center. I did all the proper Phung Schway work necessary to ensure that the meeting vibes will be even better than ever.

See you there to start the New Year on January 10th.
Presidently, Bruce

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Pinswap, November 2011
presented by Everybody

This was our second pin swap and some very nice pins were made and exchanged. I haven't used all Barbara's pictures here but you can see the rest on her Picassa page. Wayne

Member News
Spring Show News    Go back to contents
By Heather Schifke

The 2012 spring show will be held from Friday, May 4th to Sunday, May 6th in exhibit hall C at the Oregon convention center (same spot as last year). The show application is available on the CMAG website at: http://www.cmaguild.org/metalartsshow/index.html. The application deadline is February 1st. Please be sure your CMAG membership is up-to-date when you apply. The membership application is right below the show application, if you need to apply or renew.

Involvement from guild members is what makes this show successful. The show committees are as follows:
  • Advertising/PR
  • CASA
  • Education
  • Hospitality/Volunteer coordination
  • Gallery
  • Layout
  • Load in/out
  • Mailing
  • Security
  • Signage
  • Silent auction
  • Sponsorship
  • Treasury
  • Documentation
Committee chairs will be announced shortly, by email and/or in the next newsletter. If you already know of a committee you'd like to serve on, please contact a a show planning committee member and let them know.

Happy 2012!

Spring Show Planning Committee
Greg Wilbur Co-Chair gswilbur@comcast.net
Tami Dean Co-Chair tamidean8@gmail.com
Kristin Shiga Treasurer kristin@kristinmitsushiga.com
Debra Carus Advertising & PR dscarus@comcast.net
Heather Schiffke Secretary heather@oftheearthjewelry.com

mem12.jpg mem13.jpg
Ken Patton, Sad Passing    Go back to contents
From Linda Apodaca

mem21.jpg Kenneth M. Patton
Sept. 8, 1951 - Dec.20, 2011

Our friend and member Ken Patton departed from us in a sudden and untimely way. Having just finished working on a sculpture design in his studio, he was struck by a blood clot that ended his life in an instant. Ken was only 60 and after retiring from his engineering career finally was able to pursue his life-long love of being an artist.

At his wake we heard many heartfelt testimonials about what a DaVinci-like creative genius he was with his "KenKinetic" moving sculptures. And also about his generosity with time and ideas, his humbleness, and his willingness to serve our guild and the Sculptors guild. His wife and soulmate Dionne, his sister and 4 children all spoke about what a patient and loving person he was.

Artists' comments were to his willingness to help with technical problems they might be dealing with that required a touch of engineering to solve. And there was universal admiration of his complex moving sculptures from his "Waltzing Hammers" to his incredibly complex "Mesmerometer". See www.kenkinetic.com.

The family requests that any donations be made "In memory of Ken Patton" to the
Oregon Coast Trail Memorial Donations: oregonstateparkstrust.org.

mem22.jpg mem23.jpg
From Lyn Simon

A few weeks ago we lost a prominent CMAG member, an incredibly creative mechanical genius. Ken Patton was finishing solutions and sketches for his current project, a piranha. While heading off to bed, he fell, and could not be revived by his wife Dionne, or the 911 crew. Apparently an unknown blood clot in his leg travelled up to his lungs. So sudden and unexpected.

In all the art world - my FAVORITE conversations have been with Ken. His shear delight in the creative process. . . From the impossibly possible ideas, sketching the challenge, solving the puzzle, meticulously building every piece and gear - to watching it WORK. It was also fun watching HIS sparkly eyes watching others discovering the details and whimsy built in to his kinetic machines. Such a broad range of projects flowing from him. Did any of you see his 'Steampunk' Jewelry?? Ken was inspiring and amazing - so FULL of life. I'm REALLY gonna miss him.

mem25.jpg mem26.jpg
In addition to Ken's personal website mentioned above are these sites. The Oregonian obituary can be found at:

The Tillamook paper has this poignant article about a gallery opening in progress when Ken died:

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund    Go back to contents
By Mandy Allen

mem31.jpg Happy New Year everyone! This is the time when many of us are evaluating how our business did last year and getting our paperwork together for taxes. And it's also the perfect time to take steps toward safeguarding our studios and business data. Many of you may have heard of cerf+, The Craft Emergency Relief Fund. They are a non-profit organization that provides grants and quick loans to professional craft artists who have suffered career-threatening emergencies. They also help artists become more proactive in their approach to emergencies, namely through their Studio Protector; The Artist's Guide to Emergencies. This cool interactive reference wall guide provides easy-to-follow checklists for emergency preparation and response and has a free companion guide online that provides in-depth information. You may have seen one at a past CMAG meeting.

I will admit that I have had my Studio Protector for over a year and done little more than glance at it but I have resolved to make it a priority this year. We may think of needing this disaster recovery information only if there is a major event like an earthquake or tsunami but I know that some of us live in flood plains and a studio fire is always a possibility - and even something much smaller can really throw a monkey wrench into your life. Last summer, my main computer was down with a problem that took three weeks to fix so I didn't have access to all the files I needed to do business. It was a stressful situation that could have been avoided if I had backed up my files better.

I'll be bringing four Studio Protectors to the next meeting to give away, first come, first serve. Get more information at craftemergency.org or studioprotector.org

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By Mary Wong

Now is the time to start thinking about a very important subject: What bead will you make this year for our CASA neckpieces? Our theme remains Hearts, Homes and Kids.

In addition to the support we give to this local charity, our neckpieces serve to get CMAG noticed by the community. There are donors who go to these events specifically to see the new CMAG pieces. These people are collectors; there have been actual bidding wars! Everyone who sees our pieces recognizes our name, CMAG, and they usually turn up at our Spring Show to purchase work by the people who made the beads.

MAKE THOSE BEADS! REMEMBER: Beads must be smaller than 1" cubic, and they must have a hole at least 3mm in diameter. NO BEAD IS TOO SMALL!

If you have a bead or if you have questions, please call Mary Wong at 503 452 1939 or marywong97@msn.com . Thank You!.

Calls For Entries
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On the Web
Metal Arts Society of So. CA   Go back to contents
web12.jpg Hi All,
Our group, Metal Arts Society of So. CA (MASSC) is interested in finding out what other metal's groups are doing in our part of the country ie California, Oregon, Washington. Our newsletter comes out every two months. You can see back issues, with the exception of the current issue, on our website at massconline.com. Let me know if you are interested in this exchange and I will send you the most current newsletter. Our Jan./Feb. newsletter is soon to be sent digitally to our members.

Best regards,
Diane Weimer
MASSC President

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web21.jpg Revere Announces 14th Annual Masters Symposium

The Revere Academy will hold a world-class series of workshops during its 2012 Masters Symposium, from April 7-27 in San Francisco. The Academy will host 14 master classes taught by leading goldsmiths and other experts from around the globe. Classes are open to students at all levels.

This year Revere has booked an incredible lineup for its Masters Symposium. Charles Lewton Brain, a master goldsmith and professor of art will travel from Canada to share the techniques he has pioneered in Fold Forming. He will also lead an information-packed class on fabricating Catches, Findings, and Mechanisms. Michael Boyd is an innovator who will teach students lapidary and metalworking techniques to bring the two media together in his classes Stone and Metal, along with Gem Carving at the Bench. Andy Cooperman will share his expertise with students in Imaginative Captures and Surfaces. AGTA Spectrum award-winners, Gregoré and Jennifer Morin will guide as they create a line of jewelry in, Awaken Your Creativity. Jayne Redman will share her tips and tricks for designing elegant and efficiently-made jewelry in Multiples, Dies, Patterns, and Keum-boo and Inventive Forming. Italian metalsmith, Davide Bigazzie will share his knowledge in Chasing and Repoussé. Deborah Lozier will add color to metal in her class,Torch Fired Enameling. Master goldsmith, Tom Herman, will share his knowledge in Chasing, Engraving and Saw Piercing and Stone Setting and Saw Piercing. And for students seeking to earn a living with their craft, Harriete Estel Berman will give students a crash course in running an arts and crafts business in her two-day class, Prepare for Success.

This is an opportunity to learn from top-notch jewelry artisans, teaching 2 and 5-day workshops in the areas of their greatest expertise. Most classes are open to students at all levels; from absolute beginner to advanced. Each week during its Masters Symposium, the Academy hosts a Wednesday evening lecture/reception for visiting masters, open to the public.

The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is a professional jewelry school located in downtown San Francisco's historic Phelan Building. Schedules, information and a free video tour are available upon request from the
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts,
760 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, Ca 94102.
Tel: 415-391-4179
Web Site: www.revereacademy.com
E-mail: info@revereacademy.com Fax: 415-391-7570

web22.jpg web23.jpg

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2011 CMAG Spring Show & Sale
The 2012 CMAG show is now scheduled. It will be held May 4, 5 & 6 in the Oregon Convention Center. We will again be in meeting hall C, shared with members of several other craft guilds.

General Meeting
WHEN: General CMAG member meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Door opens at 6:45pm, meetings begin at 7:15pm, and adjourn by 9:15pm.

WHERE: Room 33 at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Highway Portland 97219.

WHAT: Meetings consist of a general business and a short break with refreshments, followed by a program which may be a demonstration of a technique or tool, a slide presentation, a panel discussion, or other presentation of interest to CMAG members. The CMAG Library is open before the meeting and during the break for checking out books and magazines.

WHO: Meetings are open to CMAG members and their guests.

Board Meeting
Before the general meeting ... at MAC ... in room 33 ... starts at 6.30 pm.

CMAG Webpage

Newsletter Submissions:

Febuary issue deadline, Feb 6.
March issue deadline, Mar 5.

What to send: By far the most important would be reporting any CMAG event you participated in or attended. Visiting the SMG exhibit as Lisa does this month. Going on a car pool to an exhibit or symposium. Taking a CMAG workshop. Our newsletter depends completely on the members to report on these activities. Sharing this experience is a main purpose of the guild, it's in the credo. Also important in this vein would be metal art events you participate in outside CMAG; galleries, shows, workshops, books. We love to see what you've invented lately in your studio. Too much to list.

How to send: By email. By email. Send to
guild@actonjewelry.com (that's me.) Put text in the body of the email. It's handy, sometimes, if you attach it in a file too, if it's a format I use then it saves a bit of effort, but copied into the body is foolproof. Try to send some text. Even if it seems a bit random. It'll work in fine. Send pictures. The internet is all about pictures. Best format is jpeg. If you're into editing pictures, usually something cropped for effect and under about 400 px sq is what will be published. I do a lot of cropping and resizing for each issue, on full sized submissions. Sending edited and raw both works too.

When to send: Send it by the deadline. I've sent out a one week, deadline warning for some time, to a list of contributors. Now I'm also going to try publishing the deadlines farther ahead. The deadline is anytime before I get up the next day so a June 6th deadline is really breakfast on the 7th. The July time limit is shorter to accommodate ;my trip to country fair.

How to start: Take pictures at the event. Ten is a good number. Pick the best and type out a sentence saying what it is. Repeat at least twice, numbering them. Next list who what where when etc. Send this or embellish as the muse dictates. Many of you guys are already very creditable writers, and the rest are, I'm sure, even more interesting. In a situation like ours, everybody has a voice worth listening to, sometimes it's just hard getting you to talk. Read some of the articles other members have submitted.